The experience gained over the years in various fields, coupled with the seriousness and continuous research of quality and targeted investments, have led the company to an absolute mastery in metal carpentry.

The company has an advanced design department can design and implement projects in 2D and 3D, intended for different types of applications according to the target sector.

The production of carpentry items is followed by two production departments, the first specialized in the production of mechanical carpentry items, the second for carpentry structures for industrial and civil applications.

Metal carpentry

Bettoni Officine Meccaniche, strong in the experience gained over the years in the field of mechanical carpentry, today is able to offer fully customized solutions to meet all kinds of industrial and civil needs.

The entire production takes place within the company, starting with 3D CAD design of individual components up to mechanical machining and final assembly. Each manufactured item is subjected to targeted quality and measurement tests to ensure its safety, solidity and compliance with the specifications requested by the customer.

Production ranges from small components to industrial machineries to large steel artifacts.

Structural carpentry

Bettoni Officine Meccaniche designs, manufactures and installs carpentry structures such as::

  • Industrial sheds.
  • Bar storage systems;
  • Travel cranes for bridge cranes;
  • Fixed and sliding canopies on wheels;
  • Safety ladder;
  • Components for industrial plants;
  • Components for the construction sector;
  • Industrial fences and gates;

The company complies with the new regulations for metallic carpentry constructions having the following certifications:

Architectural structures

Bettoni Officine Meccaniche is born in an area where iron processing is handed down from father to son and where craft tradition is very much felt.

For this reason we have maintained this tradition and dedicated a branch of the company to the realization of architectural structures such as:

  • Architectural structures in steel and glass
  • Outdoor Shells
  • Interior staircases and outdoor staircases
  • Design artifacts and other modern furnishing accessories

All the structures are fully customized to the needs of the customer: this very important aspect allows Bettoni Officine Meccaniche to offer an always unique product that is distinguished by the mass market, maintaining the same quality of both the materials and the machining of any Our other carpentry work.