General Equipment

General Equipment

The presence in the various fields has enabled the specialization in the design and implementation of:

  • Safety equipment and equipment for the industrial environment;
  • Equipment for handling and storing materials;
  • Design and production of electric shelters.

Safety and Environment

Bettoni Officine Meccaniche specializes in the design and manufacture of machine and perimeter safety bar protection devices.

The ever-increasing knowledge of the construction types and the regulations governing this complex sector has led us to invest in the quality and certification of our products.

Since 2014, the perimeter caps manufactured by Bettoni Officine Meccaniche are certified according to UNI EN ISO 14120. Our protections have passed all the compulsory loading tests for suitability to UNI EN ISO 14120.

In order to certify the suitability of a shelter to ISO 14120 and its use when there is a risk of external access – inside the hazardous area or vice versa from the inside out – load tests are required.

Our protections have passed all tests and can withstand impact both from inside and outside the hazardous area.

Our customers’ demand to follow, besides the safety aspect, the environmental aspect of their business, has led Bettoni Officine Meccaniche to gain experience in the design and installation of industrial smoke treatment plants.

Logistics and storage

In our customer base there are also important companies in the world of logistics and trade in steel products.

Our presence in the industry has over the years implemented our products from the material storage systems to the handling equipment.

Electric shelters

ur ten-year collaboration with energy-efficient companies has enabled us to gain extensive experience in shelving for the installation of electrical panels or transformer groups over the years.

Electric shelter, used for containerization of plants and machinery. Are tailor-made according to specific customer requirements, according to certain safety and fitness standards.

Bettoni Officine Meccaniche, thanks to the experience gained in the energy and steel industry, is able to offer high standards of construction and safety, realizing electrical shelter with different functional and structural features tailored to the order.